Residential Services

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You invest a lot of time and money in your home, and you expect it to be a warm, comfortable haven where a hot meal, a warm bath and a relaxing evening by the fireplace can be taken for granted.


Central Gas can meet your home heating and other needs with friendly, dependable delivery of quality propane.  As part of our service, regular leak testing and visual inspections of your propane system will help keep you worry-free.  And among the variety of propane programs we offer, you are certain to find one that meets  your requirements.

Gas Leak Verifications


Gas Leak Verifications If you smell gas or are concerned about your propane usage.  Central Gas will send out one of our certified technicians to check out your propane system.  We will checks for any leaks, do a pressure check, and re-light your pilots.  A service fee may apply for this service.


No Hassle Route Delivery


Our no hassle route delivery service is designed to take the headaches and concerns away from our customers.  Central Gas will periodically stop by your house and fill up your tank.  Here are some of the benefits to this service:

  • No minimum order

  • $50 credit if you run out of propane

  • No need to check your tank

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PreBuy Program


Our PreBuy program is available to all of our customers using a minimum of 500 gallons per year.  When we begin the PreBuy period, your account will be reviewed to determine if your annual usage qualifies for this program.   Central Gas will recommend a quantity of propane to be purchased.  Any additional gallons needed above the pre-bought amount will be billed at the current market price.