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Pre-Buy Program

Our PreBuy program is available to all of our customers using a minimum of 500 gallons per year.  When we begin the PreBuy period, your account will be reviewed to determine if your annual usage qualifies for this program.   Central Gas Propane will recommend a quantity of propane to be purchased.  Any additional gallons needed above the pre-bought amount will be billed at the current market price.


To enroll in the program, simply fill out the form below and place payment over the phone at (417) 725-3833

$1.69 per Gallon
**2018—2019 Pre-Buy Agreement**

Hurry Limited Quantities Available

Propane route September 1st , 2018 through May 1st, 2019
You must purchase a minimum of 500 gallons to Pre-Buy
100% Down Fixed Price Pre-Buy
Limited Quantities Available

We are honored to be your preferred propane provider.
With a Pre-Buy purchase you will get a discount on a summer fill.
If you elect not to Pre-Buy, but were on our 2017-2018 propane route, you will still be on that route unless you contact our office to be removed.

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